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about Leonardi.DB

The Leuven Ontology for Aristotelian Diagrams (Leonardi) is an ontology for systematically describing the logical, geometrical and stylistic properties of Aristotelian diagrams. Leonardi.DB is a linked data store of Aristotelian diagrams, based on this ontology. The Leonardi ontology and database are being developed and maintained as part of the Logical Geometry research program.


The development of Leonardi.DB was funded initially through the KU Leuven C1 research project 3H180236 (2018-2022), and subsequently through the ERC Starting Grant STARTDIALOG (2022-2027). The project team consists of Lorenz Demey, Hans Smessaert, Wouter Termont (2018-2020) and Sam Lauriers (2020-2022), with the following division of labor:

  • development of the ontology: Lorenz, Hans and Wouter
  • technical implementation: Wouter
  • data input and annotation: Lorenz and Sam
  • daily maintenance: Lorenz


Leonardi.DB itself can be accessed through the red button above, or simply by clicking here.

Make sure to have a look at the publications based on Leonardi.DB!

If you are new to Leonardi.DB, you can consult the tutorial.

how to cite Leonardi.DB?

You are encouraged to make use of Leonardi.DB in your own research, but please include a proper reference (either in a footnote or as a bibliographic item) in the resulting publication. If you want to cite the entire database as a bibliographic item, you can do so as follows:

Demey, L. et al. (YYYY). Leonardi.DB: Leuven Ontology for Aristotelian Diagrams Database. Available online at https://leonardi.logicalgeometry.org/, last accessed DD/MM/YY.

If you want to refer to a specific person, book, diagram, etc., you can do so via its stable URI; for example: