logical geometry

Wouter Termont

Wouter Termont
  • In 2015 Wouter Termont obtained a BA in Computer Science at the University of Ghent. In 2016 he completed a BA in Philosophy at KU Leuven, and in 2017 he obtained an MA in Philosophy, with a thesis on the concept of selection in philosophy of biology (supervised by Grant Ramsey). In 2019 he obtained an MSc in Artificial Intelligence at KU Leuven, with a thesis on the ethics of human behavior towards AI systems (supervised by Roger Vergauwen).
  • From 2018 to 2020, he worked as a PhD student (supervised by Lorenz Demey and Hans Smessaert) on the development of Leonardi.DB. His primary focus was the development of the Leonardi ontology and its technical implementation.
  • Next to his general interest in linked oped data and the semantic web, his philosophical interests include non-anthropocentric ethics and the metaphysics of consciousness.
  • After his time with the Logical Geometry team, Wouter moved on to digita.ai, a data-oriented company.