logical geometry

3D Aristotelian diagrams

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(The bitstring representation format is introduced here; more details can be found in Paper P7 and Paper P10.)

the rhombic dodecahedron (RDH)

rhombic dodecahedron bitstrings
the rhombic dodecahedron RDH with the standard bitstring decoration

embedding a cube and octahedron in RDH

cube inside RDH
the cube inside RDH
octahedron inside RDH
the octahedron inside RDH

embedding Aristotelian squares in RDH

balanced classical squares in RDH
2 balanced classical squares inside RDH
unbalanced classical squares in RDH
2 unbalanced classical squares inside RDH
balanced degenerated squares in RDH
2 balanced degenerated squares inside RDH

embedding an Aristotelian hexagon and octagon in RDH

Jacoby-Sesmat-Blanché hexagon in RDH
Jacoby-Sesmat-Blanché hexagon inside RDH
complementarity between JSB and Buridan in RDH
complementarity between hexagon and rhombicube inside RDH
Buridan rhombicube in RDH
Buridan rhombicube/octagon inside RDH