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3D Aristotelian diagrams

On this page we : (The bitstring representation format is introduced here; more details can be found in Paper P7 and Paper P10.)

the rhombic dodecahedron (RDH)

  rhombic dodecahedron bitstrings  
  The rhombic dodecahedron RDH with the standard bitstring decoration

embedding a cube and octahedron in RDH

  cube inside RDH octahedron inside RDH  
  the cube inside RDH the octahedron inside RDH  

embedding Aristotelian squares in RDH

balanced classical squares in RDH unbalanced classical squares in RDH balanced degenerated squares in RDH
2 balanced classical squares
inside RDH
2 unbalanced classical squares
inside RDH
2 balanced degenerated squares
inside RDH

embedding an Aristotelian hexagon and octagon in RDH

Jacoby-Sesmat-Blanché hexagon in RDH complementarity between JSB and Buridan in RDH Buridan rhombicube in RDH
Jacoby-Sesmat-Blanché hexagon
inside RDH
complementarity between
hexagon and rhombicube

inside RDH
Buridan rhombicube/octagon
inside RDH

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